Capital Willendorf
Government Monarchy
Status Independent
Religion Monotheistic (Lucis)

Likely PC Classes

Role Classes
Controller Invoker, Wizard
Defender Fighter, Paladin
Leader Artificer, Cleric, Warlord
Striker Avenger, Ranger, Rogue, Warlock+

+Indicates a PC class a PC is less likely to have. Speak to the GM for further information.

The largest of the four realms of humanity in terms of arable land, Traesemere is home to a wealthy feudal society. Power is held by the ranks of the noble houses and, to some extent, the more wealthy of the merchant families. All owe fealty to King Fraederick Ottmar as sovereign and commander of the armies of the realm.

Two score years past, as prince regent, Ottmar was a renowned warrior and paladin of Lucis. He was a hero during the Vampire Purge, instrumental in victory after victory, as the kingdom’s armies pushed the Vampire Horde back into the depths of Vycandu and freed the kingdom from the yoke of terror. When his time came and he set aside his blade and took the throne, it was to the acclaim of the entire realm.

Traesemere is bordered to the north by the conquered land of Blandeyr and the south by the militant nation of Gemaan (which was once part of Traesemere). An outsider might think the people of this land would be nervous of invasion, however through ties of trade with the north and common faith with the south, conflict with both realms has been averted.

Of late, however, dark times have befallen the kingdom. To the north, some fear the Sjøenviker barbarians have finished consolidating their hold on Blandeyr and are ready to begin a bloody march southward. To the south, Gemaan has become a fitful neighbour, sending emissary after emissary to the Holy City of Avernus, demanding aid in securing their borders against some paltry threat from the mountains. They grow ever more belligerent and wrathful as their pleas fall upon their ears of an overworked and distracted clergy.

The clergy’s attention is focused on the most desperate of the evils facing the realm, a sickness the likes of which the kingdom has never seen before. The sickness seems to be emanating from the dark forest Vycandu, and, as it spreads it noisome tendrils across the land, has become known as the Pestilencia Vempira, the Vampire Plague. The clergy of Lucis have striven to aid the realm, offering succour to the dispossessed and infected, while sending forth its legions of lightbringers to shine the Morningstar’s light where they can.

In this time of dusk, when the kingdom’s enemies seem to rattle at door, the King fails to act, his advisors reporting that he is in seclusion and refuses to speak with anyone. The nation’s nobles clamor for action, and voices of dissent grow louder and bolder with each passing day. However, for whatever reason, the crown fails to act, and Ottmar the Just is becoming known as Ottmar the Weak…


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