Capital Kriger
Government Council / High Jarl
Status Independent
Religion Pantheon (Sjøenfar and Jordmora).

Likely PC Classes

Role Classes
Controller Wizard, Druid+
Defender Fighter, Warden+
Leader Cleric, Shaman+, Warlord
Striker Barbarian+, Rogue, Sorcerer

+Indicates a PC class a PC is less likely to have. Speak to the GM for further information.

The aggressive and hardy peoples of the icy north, Sjøenvikers have a clan based culture dominated by an exclusively male warrior caste lead by chieftains known as Jarls. Each clan has a Jarl and together the Jarls form a council from whose number one is selected to rule their number, and thus the nation.

Well practiced at devastating raids, the raiders of Sjøenvik have long been a terror upon the coastal settlements of northern Avvis. Striking with the dawn or the dusk and disappearing into the tides before a defense can even been mobilized. This pattern of raiding stopped some two decades ago however, with the invasion of Blandeyr. No longer did the clansmen only arrive in small raiding parties, no longer did they disappear before sunrise. The beaches were crowded with longboats and the icemen stayed. After 8 years of bloody battle and occupation, the Council of Blandeyr surrendered.

On the bloody fields of Blannanoch outside the Council’s capital of Aicenach, with over half of the Council of Chief’s number reddening the snow, the remaining members of the council gave over their greatswords and swore fealty to Ulrik, High Jarl of Sjøenvik.

In the time since those bloody years, Sjøenvik has consolidated its hold on Blandeyr. Sjøenviker men have married the girls of Blandeyr, and the men of Blandeyr acknowledge that they will journey north to the Icy Isle in search of a bride.

After a few aggressive forays from the Kingdom of Traesemere were repelled viscously, a cautious peace was agreed upon and trade between the two kingdoms has gradually built. Relations are cordial, if not friendly, but it seems the more southern Kingdom has more pressing concerns on its collective mind than the possibility that the Axes of the North will turn their minds to expanding their borders once again…


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