Capital Zemakstal
Government Monarchy
Status Independent
Religion Monotheistic (Lucis)

Likely PC Classes

Role Classes
Controller Invoker
Defender Fighter, Paladin
Leader Cleric, Warlord
Striker Avenger, Rogue, Warlock+

+Indicates a PC class a PC is less likely to have. Speak to the GM for further information.

Famous for the quality of their weapons, armour and other works of metalcraft, the mountain peoples of Gemaan are also feared across the face of Avvis. Seen as as cold-hearted and as pitiless as the stone and metal that is their livelihood, the efficient brutality of their soldiers in battle has reaped them a harvest of fear far greater than any coins heir trading has won.

However, where once their Black Knights headed armies that butchered the southern forces of Traesemere all the way to the very walls of Willendorf, now a hundred years of peace has been won through trade. Unfortunately, the very ties that bind have become the cause of friction between the two Kingdoms. Of late trade of foodstuffs from the north has slowed markedly, with the northerners claiming that harvests have been poor and that with sickness rife in the land many crops have been put to the flame by order of the crown and church. Perhaps more telling in the eyes of the Gemaani, however, is that the emissaries they have sent to Avernus to beg the northern clergy for aid have fallen on deaf ears.

It is whispered by many in the courts of Traesemere that the Gemaani see this as a betrayal most foul, and that it has caused a terrifying shift in the southerners perception of them. The last emissary that journeyed to Avernus was turned away without promise of aid and stormed from that most holiest of cathedrals. Once astride his steed, he cried out to all who could hear that the northerners have lost the path of true faith and a time of reckoning would come again…


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