Capital Aicenarch (former)
Government Council (former)
Status Vassal State (of Sjøenvik)
Religion Pantheon (4 gods: Flamekeeper, Maiden, Bone Mother and Shining One)

Likely PC Classes

Role Classes
Controller Druid, Invoker+
Defender Fighter, Warden
Leader Cleric+, Shaman, Warlord
Striker Barbarian, Ranger, Warlock+

+Indicates a PC class a PC is less likely to have. Speak to the GM for further information.

A land of moors and treacherous coast, the highlands of Blandeyr are home to one of the proudest and most honorable peoples of Avvis. With the long history of the Fian, sturdy warriors that wield the iconic greatswords of their land, some say it was the very pride they were famous for that was the downfall of their people.

When the Sjøenviker Invasion came, not only was the Council of Blandeyr unprepared, but they also steadfastly refused offers of aid from their southern neighbors in the Kingdom of Traesemere. If one were to ask a Fian of Blandeyr, he might claim that it wasn’t pride that stopped the Council from accepting those offers, but more the fear they would be letting a worse enemy in the back door than the one already at their gates.

It is surprising to many outsiders is how the people of Blandeyr now deal with the daily reality of their vassalage. If bitterness exists toward their conquerors, then they hide it well, some claiming that the only thing they blame the Sjøenvikers for is proving that the Fian were fallible. The more cynical among their number suggest it is the enforced intermingling of blood, the tying together of the bloodlines by the theurges of Sjøenvik that has struck a chord with the people of their land. In this they may be right, as if there is anything that could be counted on in this world, it is that a Fian would never betray one of their blood, not even to free their nation…


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